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Aw thank you! :3

Ok uh 5 things right?
1- I’m really creative
2- once I find an interest in something I get REALLY into it, like really badly
3- I have a good sense of style and fashion
4- I’m grateful that I can go on so many holidays with my family (currently in Spain!)
5- I have really nice eyes!


I’m looking to catalog the alpine set, can anyone help me with this? I don’t really have much to offer as pay but I’m sure I could work something out!!



have you seen this dog


look at him

daily reminder to look at this dog. look at him

Reblog if you will never mess up anyone’s town on purpose when you connect!





I’ve seen a few people who are kinda worried that other people will ruin their town when they come visit, and let’s face it, so am I! So reblog if you respect other people’s towns and their rules!

ill never touch anyone elses town my pretties u.u

The lack of notes on this is scary

I reblog this everytime I see it on my feed. This is soooo important. I’m always scared when I let people into my town.


idk how and when but these makeup transformations are a thing now and they’re killing me


animal crossing new leaf


animal crossing new leaf

so ive been up since 1am today and the whole day i was like, as soon as i get to this hotel i am sleeping!! but oh no i end up on tumblr and editing videos!! -.-“

wow im so clever